The Changing Trend of Travel A Travel insights

The tourism industry, reflecting wider communal evolution, has seen visible changes in recent years. The dynamic of tourism has changed with rising disposable income, increasing lives expectations and developments in technological empowering customers, to plan and book their travel within no time. But which specific trends are most influencing travelers to choose their next destination?

Growing Appetite to Travel

The global wanderlust is on the peak which has reflected in 2018 international tourist arrived, it grew 6% as a result of increases in all regions of the world. The best of it is the growth of accommodation providers and other tourism businesses has been associated with the growing intent to spend, for both short and longer holidays.

Convenient Travel Booking

Technology has made seamless customer booking experiences and all-inclusive research tools, resulting in the culture of convenient travel booking as ease of booking is at the to priority of all consumer’s.

Whether booking via Travel agents or online Travel booking sites or online travel agency (OTA) giving most available options are the major influence, enabling travelers to find and book the best property, location and reasonable price for their trip.

Memorable Tourism

With trending changes in Tourism and constant growing expectations of Travelers, they want to experience which is enriching, memorable and authentic. Travelers prefer to experience new places, cultures and sights to make it memorable one which is the most influential factor in their decision making to choose a particular tourism destination for future.

Affordable Luxury

Due to availability of Low cost airlines and Hotels with technology which has made booking trips a less stressful process. The growing pool of online and offline booking agents and accommodation providers to the travelers, with affordability to spend, has empowered consumers to choose luxury in affordable prices. This is the democratization for travelers to choose luxury even with extra cash.

In tourism, pay-for-what-you-use business models can be seen in the rise of low-cost carriers, accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional ones, exclusive experiences in destination.

Personalization in Travel

Travelers are more aware now hence they aren’t intend to simply plan and book holidays for themselves, they want to experience the destinations at their own self too. So, the holidays which they wanted to purchase need to be flexible and modified to their desires. There is still a faith on travel agents and accommodation providers, but even then tourists expect messaging that’s personalized to their needs. Approximately 43% of respondents of Traveler Trends Survey says that “personalized holiday adverts or notifications makes travel planning more easier”.

Solo Travel

Now a days solo traveling trend is likely to gain momentum highly. Since travel was steamrolled by the pandemic this year, in upcoming year will likely push travelers to wander by their own. After all, solo travelling is possibly the most common way of travelling right now. If people do decide to travel in grand or in groups, it is highly likely that now people will travel in smaller groups.

Technology & Travel

Innovation of technology plays a vital role in rebuilding travelers’ confidence and we can see the increased use of technology by the travelers right from their tickets, Hotels and other services. Most travelers agree that technology is important to control health risks when traveling and also the accommodations need to use the latest technologies to make travelers journey safe. Almost most of the travelers wants help of technology to make last-minute reservations and many wants more self-service machines instead of ticket desks. This reliance on technology will always continue to grow as technology has proved its worth and has becomes more complex with the travel experiences.

The innovations in future would bring even more changes, with enhanced online experiences influencing travelers behavior and planning in future.

Going Local, new Experiences

Many travelers are not so keen to travel to the long distance. One, with the pandemic still a threat, people do not want to be too far from home if there is any emergency. But a tour to a destination closer to home, which can be visited by own car or to a short journey by plane or train, is considered to be a safe option.

Having cut down to a long journey, travelers are getting more time to experience immersive travel.

Flying in Style

Air travel today is more evolving as it is safe and save time of travelling. In ‘lifestyle travel’, you have a personal space and a common area to access with limited number of people

Exclusive River Cruises

River cruising is an emerging trend that is expected to attract perceptive travelers. It offers private excursions which is far away from crowded places. Many companies having river boats are also offering facilities to conduct exclusive and small events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or small corporate meetings or gatherings.

Travel Safety

Travel safety is at the top most concern of every traveler in the world. Due to increase in the travelling for various purposes, travelers takes more precautions due to threats or pandemic diseases like coronavirus. Governments and other travel associations are taking efforts to keep travel safe to meet their travelers expectations as many travelers avoids certain destinations as they feel that its not so safe due to threats or may be due to health and hygiene.

Sometimes the travelers may change its transport preference as they wanted to avoids public transport due to fear of diseases like Coronavirus.

Also while traveling by flight travelers prioritize and adhere to increased health and safety measures like as they become familiar to traveling without liquids in carry-on Baggage, removing shoes to go through airport security, accepting health spot checks on arrival and wearing a mask in public etc.

Cleanliness and hygiene, it is also on a priority what travels feel so they seek for accommodation ‘closer to home’, such as staying in a vacation apartment rather than staying in a hotel. Relaxing and wellness-related travelers are also will be high on the travel plan.

Thus travel preferences have been changed with the changing trends according to the demand of Travelers now a days.

The Changing Trend of Travel A Travel insights

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