Course Duration

One Year
Study 6 days/week for 4 hours/day

Eligibility Criteria

12 Pass and Above
See prerequisites in detail


17 - 24 Years


Why Take This Flywheel Course?


Why Take This Flywheel Course?

Diploma - DATHM

India’s air travel expected to double in next decade. The Civil aviation industry in India has come up as one of the quickest developing industry in the country. Today, India has arisen as the third biggest domestic Aviation market in the world.

The Government of India launched regional connectivity scheme named UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik) to make flying more affordable for every common man.

Taking into account the extensive growing demand of passenger traffic, Airline operators has been expanding their ability to fly more. This triggers in requirement of more trained professionals.

By pursuing this one year Diploma course in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel and Tourism management, you will be eligible to work for various jobs of Aviation like Airport ground staff, Air Cargo, Airline management, Airport Operations, Cabin Crew ( Air Hostess ) etc. You’ll be involved with overseeing the maintenance of equipment and facilities at Airport ensuring that everyone follows federal, state, and local air regulations. You’ll also need to help manage safety and security procedures and protocols and implement necessary technological changes.

You will also be eligible to work in Hotel industry, Cruise Liners, Travel agents, Tour operations and also can be self employed.

Here Youwill Learn About...

People working in Aviation, Hotels and Travel industry are more connected to the different parts of the world by interacting people of different cultures. As a result of speaking fluent and professional English with confidence increases your chances to get employed in Aviation and Hospitality fast. Here you are trained for Basic grammar, new words inculcation in your speaking, good vocabulary, voice modulation, pronunciation etc. by the expert so that you be an excellent speaker.

As Aviation and hospitality professionals are to be well groomed. The industry has a set a  grooming standards for its every staff. Here every  student is focused by the grooming expert to get trained in for his/her professional attire, hair and skin care, personnel hygiene, professional makeup, dental care, social etiquette, Body language, how to carry yourself elegantly.

This subject is design to change every students personality and mould them to work in professional environment. This subject is fully practical where students are involved in given situations to learn about self motivation, stress control, social behavior, time management, how to lead a team, how to be confident in life.

In this subject students are trained  for the roles and responsibilities of Cabin Crew ( Air hostess ) on board and their co ordination with Pilot and first officer/ cockpit crew, duties of Airport staff ( Ground staff ), Airport emergencies,  importance of Aviation security and how airline works. Students are taught about the forces acting on aircraft to make it fly successfully above the ground level,  Airplane  different parts and their functions.  Formalities required to travel to international destinations, passenger screening procedures at airport, transportation of Cargo by air, roles and responsibilities of International civil Aviation Organization (ICAO ),  Airport authority, Bureau of civil aviation security ( BCAS ) and Directorate general of Civil Aviation (DGCA) etc. involved in Aviation.

** Here students are given practical exposure of Airport internship on functional airport.

This subject gives students in depth knowledge about Hotel industry their work culture, Hotel guest protocols, hotel reservation, check in and check out procedures, hotel billing, revenue generation from different departments of hotel. Responsibility of Housekeeping department, Food and Beverage, knowledge of different cuisine around the world.

** Here Flywheel encashes its strategic tie ups with International chains of Hotels to provide practical on job training to its students.

Here students are trained from the basics of tourism, how tourism boosts Aviation and Hotel business, world culture, time zones, air travel formalities like VISA, Passports, Travel insurance. Students are trained for online ticketing and reservation system, Airport customer and immigration formalities, IATA and its requirements for airlines, restricted articles not allowed to carry on board. Baggage screening procedure at airport.

Hotel and Aviation business being completely customer based, this module has a vital role in training students in the area of handling customers. Every passenger at airport and every guest at hotel steps up with different expectations and queries. Hence in this module students are put into real situation environment and trained thoroughly to deal with guest in very professional way to satisfy guest and also maintain a good company repo.

Working practically at airport is a different experience. Flywheel students are now a part of one of its kind by detail familiarization of Airports. Hence in this course students are given opportunity to work and handle the entire HAJ OPERATIONS at Airport as interns for the international flights which operates to Saudi Arabia. Here students handles live flights at airport, do all passengers international travelling formalities, their check in procedures, security screening for passengers and their baggage, boarding passengers on airplane, aircraft security etc.

Under Hotel internship students are given 3 months on Job experience at a leading 5 star chain of hotels to get trained for high standards./p>

Here students are taught about how to become a business entrepreneur if he/ she wanted to start his/her own enterprise. They are trained for the basic fundamentals of every business, its operations and different departments and their functions like Human resource, Marketing etc.

Here students are trained for all interview rounds like group discussion, group activities, interview questions and answers and are also briefed them for resume making.

Eligibility Criteria